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E4: Early Arcade Games

Recorded on July 25th, 2012 with Brian Fife, James Fingal, and Thomas Westberg.

om talks about early arcade games, starting with Spacewar! and ending with Donkey Kong. Jim describes his present-day arcade experiences.

Brian asks the group about game development, and they briefly discuss game development frameworks.

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E3: Quality and Value

Recorded on July 16th, 2012 with Brian Fife, James Fingal, and Thomas Westberg.

Tom, Brian and Jim talk about the Steam Summer Sale and how the Hunger games is similar to Special Ops: The Line.

Jim drove the main topic for discussion - Quality and Value in games. Is cost per hour of attention a valid way to talk about entertainment value? This doesn't seem to be a factor with printed material, but it often comes up with video or video games.

Games as Art are great, but junk games and junk food both have their place (just ask the deep fried Twinkie guy at the county fair).

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E2: Suspension of Disbelief

Recorded on July 5th, 2012 with Brian Fife, James Fingal, and Thomas Westberg.

Story-driven games and degrees of freedom in games are covered. Is a choose your own adventure interactive story really a “game”? How about puzzle games that are heavily biased towards a cutscene-based story?

Is there a good way to classify or categorize games? Our hosts start to talk about this but do not come to any conclusions.

The way games deal with suspension of disbelief, either elegantly or poorly, is reviewed and the team wraps up with a summary of EvE Online for Jim.

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E1: Introductions

Recorded on June 26th, 2012 with Brian Fife, James Fingal, and Thomas Westberg.

Brian, Jim and Tom talk about beloved games and give some general background on their goals and interests regarding games. They each provide the following background info:

[Editor’s Note: There was a technical error with this recording and some of Jim’s discussion right at the beginning was lost.]

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