E13: Game of the Year

by Brian Fife

Recorded on January 7th, 2013 with Brian Fife, James Fingal, and Thomas Westberg.

Jim, Brian and Tom start the new year with new audio equipment, a stack of new games to play and a summary of the top/memorable games of 2012.

When forced to summarize the year in gaming, the group talks about the development of conceptual / experimental indie games in the vein of Journey and Unfinished Swan, as well as a rash of kickstarter games and retro-remakes.

Links to referenced items:

Assassin’s Creed Three, X:Com: Enemy Unknown, Halo Four, Dishonored, The Walking Dead (Video Game), The Walking Dead (Hardcover), Dog Slippers, Comet’s Tale, Gotye, PAR’s Gaming Canon, Ars’ Games of the Year, Beverly Hillbillies, Journey, thatgamecompany, World of Tanks, Diablo Three, Super Hexagon, Fez, Mark of the Ninja, Letterpress, Words with Friends, Killzone Three, Kinect Party, Just Dance Four, Waking Mars, Pikmin, Nihilumbra, Indie Game: The Movie, The Unfinished Swan, Narbacular Drop, Nvidia Shield, Nintendo Land, ZombiU, Big Picture, FTL, Fever, Mega Mano-a-Mega Mano, Reeder, Sony RFID - Ars, New Siracusa County Bros. U.